brandKaiser Method

The brandKaiser Way To Concentrated Communications:

All About Your Mother – It‘s all about Values

What are the core values, where does the self-image of the brand lie? Are they both still current, how have inner values changed, in what ways have society’s values altered?
The Value Matrix Check makes it possible to pinpoint areas of consensus as well as gaps, to discuss and agree upon a new value framework, and then to begin the visioning process.

Where Is My Mind? – Vision Check & Defining

Does the company’s vision still have traction, does it tend to be pragmatic or a more timid prognosis of the future? Or is it even utopian?
Above all, however: In future, how can it become an engine that powers the branding process. Only when the vision, mission and values are established is it possible to move to the next step.

Check Three-Sixty

360° communication – a beautiful slogan, but what gets lost in that process, where do you lose focus as a result of “spinning around in circles”? With this knowledge, you can progress to the next phase.

Think Seven-Twenty

360° times two, but now viewed from the opposite direction. Through the eyes of the visionary and innovator – allowed to think through everything without blinders, in order to advance to the fifth phase.

Eliminate Non-Essentials

Prioritize and concentrate – where do we lose “steam” due to our circumspection and euphorically flipping through all our channels – whatever is not essential has to go, which leads us to the next step.

Define Major Goals

When the branding process runs the way it should, it must ultimately contribute to assuring the company’s success. The brand is not a purpose unto itself. Consequently, and as a result of the insights gained in the first three phases, the main goals are formulated clearly and precisely. After this, the next phase can begin.

Create an Action Strategy

Structure. Concentrate. Work out concretely what needs to be done in order to develop the big picture of a top brand. And since many good things already exist in most businesses, we first engage in additional intermediate step.

Start a Re-Mix Session

How do you create a link between the tried-and-true and the new goals and action strategy?
In many places, old hits are sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But after a re-mix session reflecting the new market style, they experience a revival. Diversification, refinement, differentiation is desired, but in the next step they are solidified as hard as rock.


A painful step. Again reducing the “brave new marketing world” to the most efficient “brand value”. And because the world is more networked than ever, the following step is logical.


With whom can we, do we want to, must we or should we collaborate whenever possible in order to be more successful?
A tricky question. One that will be resolved in this part, so as to consolidate the results in the next step.


Now is the moment to stipulate what we truly need to focus on to ensure we hit the mark.



The target has been made out and pinpointed, the instruments have been calibrated – and only now are we far enough along for us to develop a creative briefing. Sobering but true, if we want to hit the bullseye.


The right partner for implementation has been found. Things can get going, we are striking our target, we can measure our results.


Now, the brandKaiser barometer shows us precisely where and how we have hit the target. And with lots and lots of work under our belt, we are certain we have performed well, which definitely merits celebration.


Yes! Celebrate! And become even better!


What are we continually learning? And how do we implement that?
With this knowledge, we begin again with renewed vigor…

… and start again …