What we do:

Turn good BRANDS with the help of the brandKaiser Method into TOP BRANDS!


Branding theoreticians are more plentiful than grains of sand on the beach. We are focused on using the brandKaiser Method to ensure effective implementation and to provide customers with the support they need. Our common goal: the development of TOP BRANDS. With that in mind, together we select building blocks from the brandKaiser Method and develop your strategy for success.



Whether in the branding process, in supporting change or conducting daily business: it’s all about hitting the right note. And if you do that, set the right volume and select the right instruments for your orchestra, you will be successful. brandKaiser consults and supports in all areas of communication:

  • Integrated communication strategy
  • Change communication
  • Classic communication
  • Crisis communication


Things generally begin with an ambitious project. Then it’s about getting the horsepower on the road. Only when the brand and all processes leading to sales success are harnessed, will they lead to sustained business success.

brandKaiser guides the process in those areas where, together with the customers, we see the need:

  • Guide change
  • Guide fusion
  • Coach marketing
  • Business mediation


Change Communications

Change processes in business – fusions, for example – live off communication. Together with our partners (for example,, we offer the needed support for change processes with a focus on pragmatism and the most rapid possible success.