Kurt Kaiser Owner & “Kaiser” of Branding

Intensively and controversially, Kurt Kaiser has devoted himself to communication & branding for over 20 years.

He founded brandKaiser in 2012, developed the brandKaiser Method and has facilitated numerous branding, communication and marketing projects for customers in a wide variety of sectors. He earned his master’s at Danube University Krems, his master’s thesis “Boost Branding” focusing on the effective development of brands and branding systems.

After a successful professional career with Canon (sales & marketing), the PWS advertising agency (concepting, customer consultation), as editor-in-chief & manager of the magazine “extra” and the founder of the adventure & travel festival “El mundo”, he assumed control of the Volksbank brand.

His responsibilities for the Volksbank Group from 2000 to 2011 included V.P. for Volksbank Marketing (national) and Head of Marketing & Communications (international).

By marketing the Austrian national ski-jumping team as “Super Eagles”, he was able to give the once tame brand a clear profile and, in collaboration with the Demner Agency, Merlicek & Bergmann (“Mit V wie Flügel”), was the recipient of several prizes, including the EFFI in gold and bronze as well as the Recommender Award in Gold (five times in succession).

From 2014 to 2016 Kurt Kaiser took over the responsibility for the Team Management of Red Bull Air Race World Champion Hannes Arch whose life ended 2016 in a tragical fatal accidend. Together with his friend and partner Hannes Arch he created and realized numerous spectacular projects for partners such as Red Bull, KTM, Breitling, Yodobashi, X-BIONIC, x-bionic sphere, Vredestein, AKG, Dachstein and many more.

Mustafa Cökek Project Director & the Kaiser’s right-hand man

Mustafa Cökek has been on board with brandKaiser since 2014. With the agency experience he brought with him from Germany and Austria, as well as his extensive network in Turkey, he supports KK in running the business and serves as a project manager.

Martin Kocijaz Concepter & Webmaster to the Kaiser

Martin Kocijaz is responsible for “Brand Staging 3.0”. With the wealth of experience he had accumulated in a major corporation as well as from numerous Web and social-media projects, he is an absolute rock when it comes to digital branding.

Maria Krobath Designer & Aesthetician at the Kaiser’s Court

Maria Krobath brings with her many years of experience as an art director for prestigious agencies. This graphic designer with a special sense for distinctive brand touchpoints stands out due to her unique style and subject-matter expertise.

Christoph Donnerbauer Cooperation Expert & the Kaiser’s Strategist

Christoph Donnerbauer contributes over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of roles and leadership positions at an Austrian corporation – most recently as an organization developer/change manager. He is an indispensable consultant for change processes, strategizing and coaching.

Joe Gridl Chief Music Officer & the Kaiser’s IT Expert

Joe Gridl is a professional musician, a creative force and IT expert rolled into one. He is the multi-talent in the Kaiser’s empire. His job is to strike the right tone, literally. He manages the label “music attractor” and is responsible for numerous corporate music success stories.